Small loan

1. A small loan is designed for financing consumer spending.

2. Loan term – up to 60 months.

3. Loan amount – 320-5000 ЕUR. The maximum loan amount should not exceed applicant’s double monthly net income.

4. Contract fee – 1,5%, min. 32 EUR.

5. Annual interest rate – from 15%.

6. A loan is issued without collaterals.

7. A loan is repaid monthly according to the payment schedule.

8. Minimum monthly net income – 280 EUR.


The initial annual percentage rate of a small loan is 16,92% per year on the following (example) conditions:

• the amount of loan of €2 000 is paid out immediately and in full

• interest rate 15% per annum

• contract fee of €32 is paid upon conclusion of the contract

• the loan will be repaid as monthly annuity payments over a period of 60 months