PIN generator is a secure way to enter into the Internet Bank.

Since July 7, 2009 the bank offers the clients new means of identification of the account holders in order to access the funds via Internet Bank.


PIN generator is electronic device which works with bank card.

Alternatively to other methods of identification (password card and ID card) this technology allows to identify the account holders by using bank card.

It is especially actual for the following internet bank users:

- Estonian non-residents, who do not have ID card

- persons, who do not have ID card reader

- ID card holders, who have forgotten its PIN codes

- customers, who afraid to use another's computers.

Request PIN generator from a branch of the bank

PIN generator performs the following functions:

- control of bank card’s PIN code

- generates the response code in reply to Internet Bank inquiry

- is to be used for signing the payments

The PIN-generator supports two languages of dialogue with user: English and Russian. Device language is defined by default when registrating the bank card.

You will estimate the convenience and reliability of new technology right after carrying out of the first payments in our Internet bank.


Bank does not take back PIN-generator received by the client.


For further information please call +372 6688 066 or visit bank’s web-site