Prior to dispute a credit card transaction, be advised that

  • If the goods or service you bought online do not correspond to your order, are of poor quality, or the ordered goods have not arrived at all -- you need to contact the seller first. Be sure to keep the history of correspondence with the seller, a copy of the order confirmation or a copy of the proof of payment.

  • If you have registered your card data, but do not want to continue to receive the service, you should inform the service provider about your intention to terminate the contract. If you fail do do so in a timely manner, it will be impossible to dispute the transaction amounts already written off from your account.

  • In case of the credit card charge made by a hotel, it is important to pay attention to the name of the hotel: have you ever used its services? A fee could be charged for non-arrival at the hotel (if the reservation was not cancelled in advance) or for any unpaid service, for example, the minibar bill.

Disputing a bank card transaction

You are entitled to dispute your bank card transactions in the bank in the following cases:

  • ATM failed to dispense cash, but the sum was debited from your account.
  • The amount of payment for the same purchase has been debited twice.
  • If you were unable to pay by card in a store, but the transaction amount has been deducted from the account.
  • The debited transaction amount is different from the amount agreed upon with the seller.
  • Card charges not authorized by the card holder. Most often it is fraud. In this case, the card must be cancelled immediately.

Customer Guide for a Credit Card Dispute Resolution Proces


1. In order to dispute the card transactions, you should address the Bank via e-mail , or a teller at the Bank’s closest branch. If necessary, the teller will help to fill the card transaction contestation application. The application form can be downloaded from here.


2. Please attach to the completed application form payment cheques, ATM receipts or other documents justifying a card transaction dispute.


3. On the basis of a submitted application and attached documents the case will be investigated.


It is worth knowing that:


According to international recoveries’ rules card transaction recovery will be considered during 120 days after submitting the application, in exceptional cases the term of consideration can be prolonged.


The card holder has the right to dispute the transactions made without his consent and submit the reclamation to the card’s issuing bank immediately after detection of this circumstance, but no later than within 13 months after making the transaction.