Open Banking (API PSD2)

General Information

In compliance with the revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2), AS TBB pank in collaboration with open banking platform provider offers its customers a single application to access their funds in various banks supporting the PSD2 API.

To access the features of open banking platform the client of AS TBB pank has to:

  • be a user of AS TBB pank Internet banking;
  • install the Token Open Banking application on their mobile device and register in;
  • register in Internet banking providing consent to’s access to their accounts.

Follow the step-by-step registration instructions to get access to the open banking service.

Token Open Application

Token Open Banking enables you to combine access to all of your bank accounts, simplify the flow of funds between your accounts and verification of financial transactions.

The following services are provided to the application’s user:

  • get account balance;
  • get detailed information about an account;
  • get information about past transactions;
  • transfer funds;
  • grant trusted third parties secure access to your bank information (account balance and transaction history).

Access to the data is performed in real-time.


The Token Open Banking application on your mobile device uses two-factor authentication for transactions in excess of 30 euros and for issuing authorizations. Therefore, you can be sure that you keep control of your accounts.

All data transmission channels are encrypted and use the MTLS and TLS protocols.