Debit card for private person

  • Make purchases in Estonia and around the world in places where is a Mastercard® logo

  • Pay for goods and services in the store or online

  • Withdraw cash from ATM

  • Make contactless payments

Current account and debit card application

HOW TO OBTAIN A CARD? Debit Mastercard is issued to private persons (from 7 years old) and legal entities for a period of 3 years with a right of automatic renewal. To obtain the card you should contact the bank branch. Having the current bank account with TBB pank is the precondition for receiving the card. You can also apply for issuing a Debit Mastercard related to your current account to third parties, such as your family members, and to conclude an agreement on the use of the card. The card is issued together with the PIN-code.
TRANSACTIONS IN THE E-COMMERCE ENVIRONMENT The Bank offers a SecureCode service as an additional protection layer for performing secure payment transactions over the Internet. Any Debit Mastercard cardholder may use the service of SecureCode, by pre-registering its card through Internet banking.
CARD LIMITS To change the limit on the debit card you should contact the bank branch or contact us by e-mail - The change in limits is effected within one working day upon receipt of a signed statement from the account holder.
TRANSACTIONS IN EUROPE You rights when making payments in Europe

Contactless Payments

Contactless payment is a payment for your purchase by touching a payment terminal with your bank card without entering PIN-code.

  • Quick and easy
  • Purchases up to 50 € inclusive without entering PIN-code
  • Option to activate or deactivate the contactless payments service
  • To make a payment the distance between your card and payment terminal shall not exceed 2 centimetres
  • Payment terminal is not deducting similar amount two times in a row for one and the same purchase. The terminal switches off after the sound signal
  • PIN-code to confirm your payment will be requested selectively, even if the purchase amount is below the limit
  • Card holder sets contactless payments limit by himself or herself and such limit could be minimal

You can perform contactless payments at POS-terminals in Estonia and in foreign countries; look for the MasterCard logo, just like on your bank card.

In Estonia there is a limit for contactless payments of 50 euros. Foreign countries have their own local limit for contactless payments. We recommend you before visiting a foreign country obtain information on the contactless payments limits

Card holder is able to set the contactless payments limit from zero to the maximum limit set by the bank.

You may activate a contactless payment function by performing a deal in cash terminal or in payment terminal as usual – a card shall be entered in terminal and payment confirmed by a PIN-code.


The usage of TBB payment card for online payments is allowed only if the seller of an e-shop accepts Mastercard for payment. In this case, Mastercard’s logos or relevant message should be displayed on the seller’s website.

To confirm the status of a card holder while shopping online it is necessary to use the special 3-digit CVC 2 (Card Validation Code 2) code. CVC 2 is printed on the backside of payment card.

Please note that CVC 2 code is used only in the Internet transactions. For all other operations, including cash withdrawal from ATMs, the 4-digit PIN-code is used.

For further information contact us at the following telephone numbers:

+372 66 88 064

+ 372 66 88 074

Cash withdrawal service for debit card owners at the cash desk of the shops

The service of cash withdrawal at the cash desks of shops is provided for individuals, holders of Debit MasterCard. It allows you to receive cash from the cash desks of trade or service enterprises (points of sale) that accept cards of the international payment system MasterCard. At the moment in Estonia this service is provided in Coop shops, Grossi retail network, in Olerex gas stations shops.

General conditions for receiving cash in Estonia:

  • notify the cashier about the desire to receive cash before the start of payment for the goods
  • make a purchase of goods for an amount exceeding 1 euro;
  • the maximum transaction amount is 100 euros; minimum – 5 euros.
  • the point-of-sale price for cash withdrawals is withheld when paying for the goods.
  • the seller’s price is indicated on the sales receipt.
  • each trade enterprise has its own price for cash withdrawal
  • The Bank withholds the fee for this service according to the Price List

It is necessary to inform about the desire to receive cash before confirming the transaction with the PIN-code. The store has the right to refuse an operation if there is not enough cash at the cash desk.

The service of withdrawing cash at the cash desks of shops is optional for merchants. To find out the availability of this service, the procedure for providing and the current prices it is necessary to contact the cashier of the point of sale.

The account statement indicates the amount of the trade transaction, the amount of cash received from the cash desk, the seller’s and the Bank’s price.

Bank card security rules

Please pay attention to our recommendations on the use of bank cards

At the time of concluding the contract on the use of a bank card, set limit amounts on debit and credit cards within a reasonable range. In the case of fraud or theft of the card it will not allow the fraudsters either to use all the funds on your current account, or the available limit on your credit card. Remember that you can always change the limit amounts.

  • We recommend you to memorize the PIN-code received in the bank together with the card, and then – to destroy the envelope with PIN-code
  • Do not write down your PIN-code on the card and never keep the PIN-code together with the card
  • You are the only one who knows the PIN-code. Do not, under any circumstances, tell it to anyone; if you have forgotten and can not retrieve your PIN-code, you should contact the bank to get a new card and a new PIN-code
  • When using, do not lose sight of the card and do not allow any service personnel to withdraw with your card
  • When you enter the PIN-code, cover the keys on the pad from outsiders
  • Before you confirm the PIN-code, check the amount once again
  • When using an ATM terminal, please, inspect the unit before you use the card and do not pass the card to third persons
  • If the card is withdrawn by ATM, it is necessary to block the card by calling our around the clock helpdesk (+372) 66 88 088. After the card is blocked, it can be left in an ATM
  • In order to raise the security level of card payments and prevent possible fraud cases, TBB pank applied a limit to the number of transactions for cash withdrawal with a magnetic strip from the cash machines in Asia – Pacific Ocean region countries

When making a purchase via the Internet, do not use an unknown computer. A malware that reads information from the bank card may be installed on someone else’s computer. Be careful when making web purchases. If you have any doubts about the actual existence of the seller or his trustworthiness, check whether his contact details are listed on the website. In the absence thereof, the client will not be able to submit a claim to the seller. If the seller’s contact details are listed on the website, but he does not respond to your inquiry, it is worth to refuse the services of such a seller.

  • SMS notification is a service of the Bank, which gives the customer the opportunity to receive SMS alerts from the Bank on payment transactions made with the bank card of the customer through ATMs, POS terminals, or through e-Commerce
  • It is possible to join this service at a bank office or via internet banking system by concluding a contract on SMS notification service. Block your card at once, when suspicious transactions emerge
  • Keep the bank card in a safe place that prevents access by unauthorized persons
  • Do not allow contact with objects having magnetic field (TV, audio system, etc.), as this may damage the magnetic strip on the bank card and make it unusable

In case of loss or theft of the card, you should immediately report it by contacting the nearest bank office or by calling our around the clock helpdesk +372 668 8088. In this case, you will need to provide your contact details and/or other data, known only to you and your bank. Then, your card will be blocked. To unlock the card, you should contact the bank personally

If the card loss occurred outside Estonia, and you can not contact TBB pank, then you may block your card, by calling the worldwide helpdesk of the MasterCard Global Service- MCGS + 1 636 722 7111

Your bank card lost or stolen

In case your bank card was lost or stolen, you should immediately advise TBB pank about it by phone, around-the-clock customer support number +372 6688 088, or apply to the nearest bank branch in order to block your card to avoid any use by strangers. Outside of working hours of TBB pank you can block your card by calling NETS Estonia AS helpline +372 6 711 444.
To block the lost or stolen card you should provide your personal details and lost card number.
We recommend you to safe the around-the-clock customer support phone number into your mobile phone memory. The bank card number can be also saved in your mobile phone memory or written on a piece of paper that you should keep apart from the bank card.


In order to activate the card, you should apply to the bank in person.


In case the card was lost or stolen while being abroad and you cannot get in touch with TBB pank, you should call Mastercard Global Service (MCGS) number +1 6367227111 to block the card.


By calling the abovementioned phone number you can get the information in regard to additional services provided by MCGS for all credit card users while being abroad. They include issue of a temporary bank card to substitute the lost one or paying out cash in the amount of unused monthly limit but not over the following set up limits:
Mastercard Standard EUR 320
Mastercard Business EUR 450
Mastercard Gold EUR 1 600


On blocking your bank card you will be asked its number, that is why we recommend to write down both the bank card number and Mastercard Global Service phone number. You should keep this information apart from the card in the place known only to you.


TBB pank and Mastercard Global Service will help you to settle the problem while being abroad.


For secure payments in online stores, TBB pank offers its bank cards users a SecureCode service by Mastercard.

SecureCode – is the password created by you in the Internet Bank, which ensures your authentication and protection, by confirming the authenticity of an online transaction. It doesn’t require much time to enter the SecureCode, but it considerably increases the security level of card transactions. SecureCode – provides extra protection to your MasterCard cards from unauthorized use by third parties when you make payments in online stores.

When using the SecureCode payment system, you can be assured of the security of transactions made by you on the Internet. This system provides the most secure purchases at all online retailers, who accept this system. Sellers who are using the SecureCode system, place the SecureCode logo on the main page of their online store.

How does the SecureCode work

When paying for goods or services in the online store, you will be asked to confirm your purchase by using your SecureCode. To do this, you must take three simple steps:

 Pre-register at the Internet Bank your credit cards that you plan to use in e-commerce. (More details)

 At the time of purchase, enter a credit card number, your first and last names, card expiry date and CVC security code.

 In order to confirm the authenticity of the transaction, you will be prompted, in a special window, to enter the SecureCode. Within seconds, the bank will confirm that it is you who is making a purchase.

 Once it is determined that you really are a registered user of the card, the payment will be authorized.

Disputing a bank card transaction

Prior to dispute a credit card transaction, be advised that

 If the goods or service you bought online do not correspond to your order, are of poor quality, or the ordered goods have not arrived at all — you need to contact the seller first. Be sure to keep the history of correspondence with the seller, a copy of the order confirmation or a copy of the proof of payment

 If you have registered your card data, but do not want to continue to receive the service, you should inform the service provider about your intention to terminate the contract. If you fail do do so in a timely manner, it will be impossible to dispute the transaction amounts already written off from your account

 In case of the credit card charge made by a hotel, it is important to pay attention to the name of the hotel: have you ever used its services? A fee could be charged for non-arrival at the hotel (if the reservation was not cancelled in advance) or for any unpaid service, for example, the minibar bill

Disputing a bank card transaction

You are entitled to dispute your bank card transactions in the bank in the following cases:

✓ ATM failed to dispense cash, but the sum was debited from your account

 The amount of payment for the same purchase has been debited twice

 If you were unable to pay by card in a store, but the transaction amount has been deducted from the account

 The debited transaction amount is different from the amount agreed upon with the seller

 Card charges not authorized by the card holder. Most often it is fraud. In this case, the card must be cancelled immediately

Customer Guide for a Credit Card Dispute Resolution Process

1. In order to dispute the card transactions, you should address the Bank via e-mail or a teller at the Bank’s closest branch. If necessary, the teller will help to fill the card transaction contestation application. The application form can be downloaded from here.

2. Please attach to the completed application form payment cheques, ATM receipts or other documents justifying a card transaction dispute.

3. On the basis of a submitted application and attached documents the case will be investigated.

It is worth knowing that:

According to international recoveries’ rules card transaction recovery will be considered during 120 days after submitting the application, in exceptional cases the term of consideration can be prolonged.

The card holder has the right to dispute the transactions made without his consent and submit the reclamation to the card’s issuing bank immediately after detection of this circumstance, but no later than within 13 months after making the transaction.

SMS notification

SMS notification is a Bank service, which allows Client to receive a SMS message to his mobile phone, concerning withdrawal transactions from the bank card in the terminals and/ or automatic banking machines.

To join this service, the Customer has to conclude an agreement at a branch office, or through online banking at any convenient time.

The Customer has the right to determine independently SMS-service settings (to set as minimum amount for sending SMS-messages as method for debiting from the card: terminal, e-Commerce, ATM).

The fee for all SMS-notifications sent during the month is added and deducted automatically from your account on the last calendar day of the month.

In case of replacement of the mobile phone number, the client must terminate the contract on the basis of old number and sign new contract, specifying the new number.

Instruction for making a contract for a SMS-notification service