Accepting card payments

Payment cards are quite common today. Bank cards are used as a payment instrument in many businesses. Reliability and simplicity of the performed operation saves not only your time, but also the time of your clients. This payment method minimizes the possibility of queues – the seller does not need to look for change, because the terminal will withdraw from the account exactly the amount that is needed up to a cent. In addition, cash transportation has recently risen in price – providing your customers with the opportunity to pay for services, goods by payment card will reduce the company’s expenses and reduce the risks associated with cash storage and handling. And if you also have an online store, then the availability of a flexible payment system, in the end, will only play into your hands, because clients can be on the next street or on another continent.

TBB pank offers to Estonian companies and individual entrepreneurs payment card services both at points of sale or for online shops in cooperation with the Estonian branch of Nets Denmark A/S, which has many years of experience in this field, serving more than 300,000 companies selling goods and services in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

To conclude an agreement on servicing card payments, please fill out the application below. You will be contacted by a representative of the Nets Denmark A/S Estonia branch (service in Estonian, Russian and English) to discuss the terms of the contract and the details of its conclusion. After its registration, the service will be activated, and the terminal will be installed within 5 working days. In the case of e-commerce, your developer will receive an email with access to the test environment and a specification that will help to complete the development of the online store.

Application for accepting card payments

The price of the offered service often depends on the merchant’s business activities and the size of payments. In addition, the cost of renting terminals depends on the type of terminal.

Our cooperation partner, the Nets Denmark A/S Estonia branch, can offer very competitive prices to companies of all sizes.

Payments are received in the seller’s bank account as a net amount on business days, i.e., the service fee has already been deducted from the amount of payments made on the card. When renting a payment terminal, the rental amount is deducted from the amount of card payments once a month – payment of commissions is very simple.

As part of the service, you can rent both mobile and stationary terminals. LAN and Bluetooth payment terminals can also be connected to your checkout – a suitable solution for large merchants who value transaction speed and processing large volumes. A specialist will help you choose the most suitable terminal for your business needs. He will also conduct training and distribute educational materials. In case of any questions, the terminal user is not left alone, since the technical support phone is available 24 hours a day.

A modern solution – E-Commerce Payment Gateway is offered – a web-based solution for secure, convenient and simple servicing of Visa/Mastercard card payments in your online store or when offering electronic services.

The advantage of the offered service in comparison with other similar ones currently used is, first of all, that the merchant providing the service does not have access to the full card number of the card holder. The system constructed in this way imposes weaker security requirements on the solution of the seller’s online store and makes the software solution located at the seller’s place simpler and, ultimately, cheaper. To ensure the security of data transmission between the buyer and the E-Commerce Payment Gateway, 128-bit encryption (SSL-Secure Socket Layer security protocol) is used, and the data transmitted between the seller and the payment gateway is digitally signed, which ultimately prevents unauthorized access to listen to or edit data. The merchant has access to reports on card transactions, but does not have access to the full card number.

To be able to pay with a card through a payment gateway, the online store software must be able to create a request and sign it electronically. But the specialist of our cooperation partner will inform you about all the nuances.

The reports developed by the Nets Denmark A/S Estonian branch are very useful for monitoring card payment settlements and for analyzing payments.

Pdf net payment receipts and monthly csv reports by email can even be received daily. Alternatively, you can use the MyNets portal where you can create various reports in pdf, csv and xml formats.

The MyPayments application is intended for mobile phone users, with its help you can, for example, get an overview of the turnover of card payments or from which countries the customers or even which hours of the week are most active and of how many customers are regular clients.