Your bank card lost or stolen

In case your bank card was lost or stolen, you should immediately advise TBB pank about it by phone, around-the-clock customer support number +372 6688 088, or apply to the nearest bank branch in order to block your card to avoid any use by strangers. Outside of working hours of TBB pank you can block your card by calling NETS Estonia AS helpline +372 6 711 444.
To block the lost or stolen card you should provide your personal details and lost card number.
We recommend you to safe the around-the-clock customer support phone number into your mobile phone memory. The bank card number can be also saved in your mobile phone memory or written on a piece of paper that you should keep apart from the bank card.
In order to activate the card, you should apply to the bank in person.
In case the card was lost or stolen while being abroad and you cannot get in touch with TBB pank, you should call Mastercard Global Service (MCGS) number +1 6367227111 to block the card.
By calling the abovementioned phone number you can get the information in regard to additional services provided by MCGS for all credit card users while being abroad. They include issue of a temporary bank card to substitute the lost one or paying out cash in the amount of unused monthly limit but not over the following set up limits:
Mastercard Standard EUR 320
Mastercard Business EUR 450
Mastercard Gold EUR 1 600
On blocking your bank card you will be asked its number, that is why we recommend to write down both the bank card number and Mastercard Global Service phone number (+1-636-722-7111). You should keep this information in accessible place, but separately from the card, so as not to lose it together with the card (for example, save it on your phone).
TBB pank and Mastercard Global Service will help you to settle the problem while being abroad.