How can your company become more environmentally friendly?

We believe that sustainability should become an integral part of business processes. Making your business greener and more environmentally friendly does not always have to be very expensive and difficult. Small contributions to creating a more sustainable future can be made now. Review your company’s environmental impact and think about how it could be improved.

Green office

Prefer furniture made of more environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances. Avoid using disposable dishes. Install motion detectors in rooms where constant lighting is not required. Reduce paper consumption. Paper waste can be recycled. Talk to employees about the principles of sustainable consumption and green lifestyle. When choosing suppliers, prefer the product or service provider with minimal environmental impact.

Use of resources

Review resource efficiency in manufacturing processes. The use of waste and production residues can make production more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly. Monitor efficiency and energy efficiency indicators of production equipment. Over time, they may diminish and may be now is the right time to renew the technique.

Use of renewable energy sources

Solar panels, heat pumps, wind generators are environmentally friendly and help reduce the carbon footprint. These energy sources are also cost-effective in the long run.

If your company needs additional financing to become more environmentally friendly, we can help you find a suitable solution. TBB pank issues investment loans for the purchase of wind generators and solar panels. The Bank also finances private and business investments  aimed at reducing energy costs and creating favorable conditions for the use of renewable energy sources.

Investment loan

Equipment leasing