We would like to inform you that from 07.12.2022 (for business clients) and from 07.01.2023 (for private clients) the General Terms and Conditions of AS TBB pank will change.

If you agree with the changes, you don’t need to do anything else. If you do not agree with the changes, you have the opportunity to terminate the business customer agreement entered into with the bank no later than the General Terms and Conditions come into force. If you do not notify the bank of your wish to terminate the agreement, we will consider that you have agreed to the changes and as of 07.12.2022 (for business clients) and 07.01.2023 (for private clients), the new General Terms and Conditions will apply to the concluded agreement(s).

New General Terms and Conditions are available here.

1. Added clause 1.2 The General Terms and Conditions of the Bank establish the basic principles, rights and obligations of business relations between the Bank and the Client, the procedure for communication and the general terms for concluding, amending and terminating the Bank’s service contracts.
2. Clause 7. SIGNATURE is clarified:
7.1. The Bank accepts the handwritten signature of the Client or his/her representative and the digital signature associated with the Estonian identity card.
7.2. The Bank and the Client have agreed that starting from the day specified by the Bank, the Parties may start to sign communication documents other than with the digital signature referred to in point 7.1., the certificate of which is issued by a certification service provider accepted by the Bank and which meets the Bank’s requirements or, in cases agreed upon by the agreement, using codes transmitted in another manner regulated by the agreement.
4. Clause 20 EXTRAORDINARY CANCELLATION OF THE AGREEMENT is clarified and changed:
Added 20.2. The Bank may terminate the agreement extraordinarily, without following the notice period, for a good reason, if, taking into account the interests of both parties, the continuation of the agreement cannot be expected, especially if:
20.2.1. The Bank is not able to comply with the due diligence measures stipulated in the legislation in relation to the Client for reasons arising from the Client;
20.2.3. The data and documents submitted by the Client or the person related to it do not eliminate the Bank’s suspicion that the personal activity of the Client or its related person may be related to illegal transactions, terrorist financing or money laundering or violate a sanction;
20.2.4. According to the Bank’s risk appetite the provision of services to the Client does not correspond to the Bank’s business plan and business strategy, and the impact of the identified negative risks on the Bank’s business activities is critical and may lead to business failures or significant reputational damage;
20.2.6. The Client or a person related to it is operating without having an activity permit, license or registration prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia;
20.2.7. According to the Bank, the Client or a person related to it operates in an area of activity or in a country where there is a high risk of terrorist financing or money laundering;
20.2.8. A payment initiated by the Client or a payment received by the Client or an operation performed using other bank services that is performed in the interest of the Client is, in the justified opinion of the Bank, directly or indirectly related to a person, country or goods/services, if a sanction is applied to them;
20.2.9. If the Client or a person related to it has been convicted of money laundering or terrorist financing or crimes in which, in the Bank’s opinion, there is a risk that the products and services offered by the Bank may be used for criminal purposes in the future;
20.2.10. If the state refuses to issue the Client an e-resident digital identity card or suspends or cancels its validity;
20.2.13. The Client is not considered a qualifying person based on any tax information exchange rules;
20.2.14. The bank account agreements concluded with the Client have been terminated.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail helpdesk@tbb.ee or call our information line +372 66 88 066 on working days from 9.00 to 17.00.

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