We are glad to announce, that TBB pank starts to provide cash withdrawal service for debit card owners at the cash desk of the shops

This service is provided for individuals, holders of Debit MasterCard. It allows you to receive cash from the cash desks of trade or service enterprises (points of sale) that accept cards of the international payment system MasterCard. At the moment in Estonia this service is provided in Coop and Grossi retail networks, and also in Olerex gas stations shops.

General conditions for receiving cash in Estonia:

  • notify the cashier about the desire to receive cash before the start of payment for the goods
  • make a purchase of goods for an amount exceeding 1 euro;
  • the maximum transaction amount is 100 euros; minimum – 5 euros.
  • the point-of-sale price for cash withdrawals is withheld when paying for the goods.
  • the seller’s price is indicated on the sales receipt.
  • each trade enterprise has its own price for cash withdrawal
  • The Bank withholds the fee for this service according to the Price List

It is necessary to inform about the desire to receive cash before confirming the transaction with the PIN-code. The store has the right to refuse an operation if there is not enough cash at the cash desk.

The service of withdrawing cash at the cash desks of shops is optional for merchants. To find out the availability of this service, the procedure for providing and the current prices it is necessary to contact the cashier of the point of sale.

The account statement indicates the amount of the trade transaction, the amount of cash received from the cash desk, the seller’s and the Bank’s price.