Dear client!

If until now the ID card, Mobile ID, and SMS identification code have been used as for authentication in TBB Internet bank, then from now on our customers can also identify themselves with Smart-ID! This is very good news for everyone, but especially for e-residents who cannot use Mobile-ID.

Why use a Smart-ID app?

Smart-ID is an easy, fast, and secure way to authenticate yourself, access your internet bank, and sign documents. The Smart-ID application is very convenient to use. Downloading and using the application is free and meets the highest security standards. There is also no need to worry about losing your smart device, as user data is not in the smart device application and is protected by PINs that are not stored for security.

How to start using Smart-ID?


To do this, download the Smart-ID application. To register an account and link it to your personal information, you need to follow the instructions in the application.

You can read more about the application on the Smart-ID website.

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