A bank guarantee is the obligation of the bank to pay the designated person (the beneficiary - the lender of the applicant of the guarantee) a sum of money, the amount and terms of which are stipulated by the terms of this obligation. The basis for the payment is the written request of the beneficiary to the bank to pay the specified amount of money. The bank guarantee serves to ensure the proper fulfillment of the principal obligation of the applicant to the beneficiary, such as the fulfillment of the terms of the contract, the obligation to pay etc.

Domestic guarantee

Purposeensuring the fulfillment of the obligations of a client of Tallinn Business Bank to third parties located in Estonia
Minimum limit50 EUR
Maximum limit according to the clients risk limit
Minimum term30 days


International guarantee

Purposeensuring the fulfillment of the obligations of a client of TBB pank to third parties located outside of Estonia
Minimum limit4 000 EUR
Maximum limitaccording to the clients risk limit
Minimum term30 days


Payment guarantee keyboard_arrow_down

The bank guarantees the seller that the buyer (guarantee applicant) will pay the value of the goods in accordance with the contract of sale. By this type of a guarantee can be guaranteed as a one-time transaction, as well as a long-term (for example, 6-month) sales contract. The basis for the bank to pay the guarantee is the written request of the seller, confirming the fulfillment of his contractual obligations and the buyer’s failure to comply with the contractual payment obligation.

The subspecies of the payment guarantee is a customs guarantee issued in favor of the Customs Department, which ensures timely payment of customs duties and turnover tax.

Advance payment guarantee keyboard_arrow_down

The bank hereby guarantees the refund of the advance payment made by the buyer for the goods in case of non-fulfillment or improper performance by the seller (guarantee applicant) of the contractual obligation to deliver the goods. The prepayment guarantee is issued before the prepayment is made, but it comes into effect after it has been paid.

Obligation performance guarantee keyboard_arrow_down

The bank guarantees the fulfillment of the contractual obligations of its client (the applicant of the guarantee). Obligations can be caused by, for example, a construction or privatization agreement. In this case, the guaranteed amount may be the sum of the penalty specified in the contract or other amount required by the beneficiary.


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