Debt repayment

Early repayment of used credit card limit.

1. Early repayment of used credit card limit only applies to credit cards with an active status.

2. The refund amount of used credit card limit may equal to or be less than the used limit.

3. This operation can be carried out through the menu item “Enquires” and sub-items “Consolidated statement” or “Cards”.

3.1. Select the relevant credit card and the action “Repay used credit card limit”.

3.2. Select the account from which you wish to make the repayment.

3.3. By default, the full amount of used credit card limit is offered for repayment. To repay only a part of the used limit, it is necessary to decrease the amount. The amount is indicated in euros only.

3.4. Click “OK” to confirm the operation.

4. Amounts paid as a repayment of used credit card limit are not taken into account either in daily or monthly limits on the transactions performed through the internet bank.

5. A receipt of the operation can be printed out under menu item “Payment history”.

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