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Authorised processors of AS TBB pank

Name Registry code  Reason for the processing Address Phone E-mail 
Omniva AS 10328799 Providing postal service to the Banking Group Pallasti 28, 10001 Tallinn 6616616 info@post.ee 
AS TBB liising10570483 providing leasing and factoring services Vana-Viru 7, 15097, Tallinn 6688070 
Creditinfo Eesti AS (Krediidiinfo AS) 10256137 processing payment defaults data Narva mnt 5,10117 Tallinn 6659600 team@krediidinfo.ee 
Krediidi ja Ekspordi Garanteerimise Sihtasutus Kredex90006012 co-financer Hobujaama 4, 10151 Tallinn 6053600 kredex@kredex.ee 
Maaelu Edendamise Sihtasutus 90000245 co-financer R.Tobiase 4, 10147 Tallinn 6484064 mes@mes.ee 
DHL Estonia AS 10451175 providing courier service to the Banking Group Betooni 6, 11415 Tallinn 6808555 klienditeenindus@dhl.com 
AS Pricewaterhouse- Coopers 10142876 external auditing Pärnu mnt. 15, 10141 Tallinn 6141800 tallinn@pwc.com 
AS Deloitte Audit Eesti 10687819 management of internal auditing Roosikrantsi 2, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia 6406500 eesti@deloitteCE.com 
Mastercard Europe SA RPR 0448038446 processing card trasactions 198/A, Chaussée de Tervuren, 1410 Waterloo, Belgium  3525111 waterloo@mastercard.com 
Nets Estonia AS (Pankade Kaardikeskuse AS) 10452335 processing card trasactions Tartu mnt 63,10115, Tallinn 6711477 estcard@estcard.ee 
Aktsiaselts Intrum Estonia 10036074 incasso services Rotermanni 8, Tallinn 6060990 mail@intrum.ee 
AS ÜHISTEENUSED 11052490 transport and extermination of data carriers Tartu mnt 80J, 10112 Tallinn 6101467; 6511533 info@infokaitseteenus.ee 
AS G4S Eesti 10022095 security services, maintenance of video recording and security system Paldiski mnt. 80, Tallinn10617 3725100235; 6511911 juri.robnikov@ee.g4s.com  
AS G4S Eesti 10022095 cash transport and processing Paldiski mnt 80, Tallinn 10617  6511738 teenindus@ee.g4s.com
USS Security AS 10622346 manned security service Roseni 12, 10111 Tallinn 6191999; 1899 uss@uss.ee 
N Nasdaq CSD SE (securities register) 14306553 administration of accounts of physical persons, securities transactions Tartu mnt. 2, 10145 Tallinn 640 8836  
OÜ Postipoiss Pluss  12947414 development and support of document administration software Tallinn, Mustamäe tee 4-235 8002211 postipoiss@ppoiss.ee
TRÜB Baltic AS 10776753 personalization of plastic cards and PIN-envelopes connected to them Laki 5, 16021 Tallinn 6581130 liis.vilde@trueb.ee 
Advokaadibüroo Laus & Partnerid 10324761 rendering legal assistance Rävala pst 4, 10143 Tallinn 3726622640  



Authorised processors of AS TBB liising

Name Registry codeReason for the processing  Address Phone E-mail 
Credit Expert OÜ 11035059 incasso services Mustamäe tee 6b, 10111 Tallinn 6609760 
Aktsiaselts Intrum Estonia 10036074 incasso services Tallinn, Rotermanni tn 8, 10111 6060990 mail@intrum.ee 
Reeborn OÜ 10995372 incasso services Pärnu mnt 130 - 31, 11317 Tallinn6999430 info@reeborn.ee 
United Finance OÜ 14469114 expanding customer database Liivalaia 13, 10118 Tallinn 56451406 info@ufe.ee 
Lenderliising OÜ 14035048 expanding customer databaseTartu mnt. 83, Tallinn 10115  6856784 info@lenderliising.ee 
RK Varahaldus OÜ 12298789 expanding customer databaseHobujaama 4, 10151 Tallinn 6536040 info@rkvarahaldus.ee

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*Outside office hours you can report your card lost by calling +372 668 8088

Important! Our branch office in Tallinn, on Vana-Viru 7 is temporarily closed until 31.12.2020

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