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NB! Updating customer data


We ask our clients to renew their data in connection with tax information exchange

If you are a taxable person (individual or legal person) in any country than Estonia, we ask you to fill in the Client Data Questionnaire where shall be added all tax residence countries and respective tax identification numbers.

Client Data Questionnaire for private customer

Client Data Questionnaire for corporate customer and beneficial owner

There are several options for renewing customer data:

• Sending the filled in Client Data Questionnaire to the bank by e-mail or by mail (the electronically filled in Questionnaire must be signed and sent by e-mail to the address )

• Client data renewal in internet bank is possible starting from 22.12.2016

• Renewing customer data in a bank office

Additional information from Customer Support at +372 66 88 066 or visit the web page

Please be aware that if a customer does not provide the required information, the financial institution will be obliged to submit data of the person to the Tax and Customs Board.

Customer support

Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00

Phone: +372 668 8066

Skype: +372 712 0503

*Outside office hours you can report your card lost by calling +372 668 8088

Important! Our branch office in Tallinn, on Vana-Viru 7 is temporarily closed until 31.12.2020

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