Verification Code (SMS)

Online banking users have the opportunity to use a new method for logging in and signing payment documents based on the Verification code.

The 2-step verification is used to that end:

• Checking the user ID and the master password,

• Checking the verification code.

An SMS message containing the verification code will be sent to the online banking user’s mobile number that was registered in the system.

An SMS message with the user verification code will be sent in one of the three languages of the customer’s choice (Estonian, English or Russian). You will not be charged any extra fees for receiving the SMS message.

In order to be able to use the new Verification Code (SMS) authentication method, you have to sign a specific contract at the Bank’s office or via online banking. In the latter case, you have to log in to online banking system by any means available to you and sign the contract (see Seaded: SMS tunnistamise kood, or Установки: Код верификации по SMS, or Configurations: SMS verification code)


Logging in to online banking using the new Verification Code (SMS) method

• When logging in to online banking, after entering your user ID, select the new login method — Verification Code (SMS),

• You will receive a six-digit verification code to your mobile phone,

• Your next step is to enter the master password (Püsiparool) and the verification code received via SMS,

• The verification code is valid for 2 minutes, i. e. 120 seconds. This is the time when the verification code you have received can be used in the online banking system,

• If at least one security element is entered incorrectly, the operation will be blocked. The session will have to be restarted,

• The number of attempts is limited.

Payment documents are signed in a similar way.


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