For secure payments in online stores, the Tallinn Business Bank offers its bank cards users a SecureCode service by MasterCard.

When using the SecureCode payment system, you can be assured of the security of transactions made by you on the Internet. This system provides the most secure purchases at all online retailers, who accept this system.

Sellers who are using the SecureCode system, place the SecureCode logo on the main page of their online store

SecureCode - provides extra protection to your Maestro and MasterCard cards from unauthorized use by third parties when you make payments in online stores.

SecureCode – is the password created by you in the Internet Bank, which ensures your authentication and protection, by confirming the authenticity of an online transaction. It doesn’t require much time to enter the SecureCode, but it considerably increases the security level of card transactions.


How does the SecureCode work

When paying for goods or services in the online store, you will be asked to confirm your purchase by using your SecureCode. To do this, you must take three simple steps:

I. Pre-register at the Internet Bank your credit cards that you plan to use in e-commerce. (More details)

II. At the time of purchase, enter a credit card number, your first and last names, card expiry date and CVC security code.

III. In order to confirm the authenticity of the transaction, you will be prompted, in a special window, to enter the SecureCode. Within seconds, the bank will confirm that it is you who is making a purchase.


Once it is determined that you really are a registered user of the card, the payment will be authorized.