Working capital loan

Working capital loan is meant for financing a temporary deficit of current assets or for increasing current assets. Working capital loan shall be returned in accordance with the schedule of repayment.
The maximum term of a working capital loan is 12 months.


Overdraft is a loan granted by the bank for financing current capital, enabling a company to use the banks funds within the limit fixed in the overdraft agreement.
The maximum term of an overdraft is 12 months.

Investment loan

Investment loan is meant for legal persons for obtaining, renovation and modernization of fixed assets. The bank shall finance up to 70% of the amount of investment.

The maximum term of an investment loan is 10 years.

Start-up loan

• The start-up loan, issued in cooperation with Fund KredEx, is suitable for financing investments and operating capital of starting enterprises and businesses that have operated for up to three years. The start-up loan provides a helpful boost in case of difficulties with starting a company due to a lacking start-up capital and where there is insufficient security for bank loans or an overly short operational history.


• Unlike a conventional bank loan, fewer guarantees are required from an entrepreneur in the event of a start-up loan. Generally, personal surety of the loan recipient’s natural person owners is sufficient to secure the loan. If the loan is used for specific purposes, personal liability of the guarantor is 25% of the loan amount.


• Objective of the loan: financing of investments and/or operating capital


• Loan amount: 2,000-100,000 Euros, of which up to 50,000 Euros may be used as operating capital.


• Maximum loan term : 60 months.

Undertakings applying for the start-up loan must adhere to the following requirements

Applying for a start-up loan:


1. An application is submitted to the Bank.

2. In case of a favorable decision, the Bank submits to KredEx the documents required for financing/providing surety.

3. KredEx makes a decision based on the information received from the Bank. If necessary, additional information is requested from the relevant undertaking.

4. In case of a favorable decision by KredEx, the Bank prepares the relevant documentation and issues the loan.


In addition to Bank-required documents necessary to apply for a loan, the following documents must be submitted:

1. Financial forecasts for the next 3 years

2. Resumes/CVs of the company’s key personnel

3. Overview of existing obligations



A list of Bank-required documents can be viewed here.

See also the Pricelist