ID-card cetificate update

The State Information System Authority (Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet, RIA) asks to update certificates of all ID-cards issued since October, 2014, as in the chip of these ID-cards the potential risk is found.

ID-cards issued before 16 October 2014 have a different chip and are not affected by this risk.

Those who do not have a Mobile-ID, but who use the ID-card on a regular basis for entering the e-services, should definitely renew the certificates as soon as possible. Specifically, the Information System Authority intends to restrict the possibilities of using ID-cards, including in e-channels of the banks, at the beginning of November.

ID-card certificates can be renewed via home or work computer over a period of two months, from November until the end of December. To renew the certificates, the person has to download the newest version of the ID-card software to their computer and follow the on-screen instructions. In addition, the certificates can be renewed at the service offices of the Police and Border Guard Board. From January to the end of March, the certificates can be renewed only at the service points of the Police and Border Guard Board. In April certificates associated with cards affected by the security risk will be revoked

More information on the website of the State Information System Authority or here.