• Leasing application form for a private person
  • Copy of the identity document;
  • Six-month account statement certified by the bank, if income is not received in Tallinn Business Bank;
  • Documents confirming other possible sources of income;
  • Sales offer;
  • Valuation report issued by an appraiser accepted by the lessor.

In the case of collateral security:

  • An extract from the relevant register or Land Register regarding the collateral;
  • Contract of sale, acceptance and delivery report, commercial lease contract, etc;
  • The decision of property owner in writing to provide assets as security (to secure performance of an obligation by an lessee);
  • The notarized power of attorney to sign the guarantee contract, if the contract is signed by the authorized representative of the property owner;
  • The valuation report of collateral issued by an appraiser accepted by the lessor;
  • Insurance policy for benefit of the lessor, issued by the insurance company accepted by the lessor (to be issued after the conclusion of the guarantee contract).

In the case of suretyship /guarantee:

  • Copy of registry card from Commercial register of a surety/ guarantor;
  • Copy of surety’s/ guarantor 's articles of association;
  • If there is a supervisory board, resolution (consent) of a supervisory board to provide suretyship/ guarantee;
  • Surety’s/ guarantor 's audited annual report for the previous financial year, if auditing is mandatory pursuant to law;
  • Surety’s/ guarantor 's quarterly balance sheets and income statements of the current year;
  • Copy of the identity document of the private person –surety/guarantor or copy of the identity document of the representative of the legal person- surety/guarantor;
  • Application form for private person-surety;
  • Application form for enterprices-surety/guarantor;
  • Private person- surety 's six-month account statement certified by the bank if income is not received in Tallinn Business Bank.

The lessor has the right to request additional documents needed in order to evaluate the client's solvency. The lessor has also the right to request original documents of submitted copies. If the documents have not been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the lessor, they will be considered as not presented. The lessor is not obliged to justify a refusal to provide leasing. The originals of documents submitted to the lessor are to be returned to the client. All other documents submitted along with an application will be kept by the lessor.