Time deposit "Plus One" is a privileged deposit for private customers older than 55 years and young people up to the age of 25, people with disabilities.


To make deposit "Plus One" you have to open bank account with Tallinn Business Bank and conclude Contract for Time Deposit "Plus One" in the form accepted by the bank.


The advantage of deposit "Plus One" is a special annual interest rate. Annual interest rate is 1% higher than standard annual interest rate for time deposit in EUR.


On expiry of deposit, the amount of investment and calculated interests are transferred to the clients account.


Customers are provided with the possibility of monthly payout of interests accrued for a time deposit.


This deposit can be made only in EUR. Client cannot make any additional instalments to the time deposit "Plus One".


Minimum investment is EUR 200.


"Plus One" deposit may be made for 9, 12,18,24 and 36 months.


Fixed amount of deposit and annual interest rate cannot be changed within the term of the deposit.


Calculation of interest rate is based on deposited amount and time of deposit. Calculation of interests is based on the year of 365 calendar days.


Client cannot use deposited amount before expiring of Contract for time deposit "Plus One".


The depositor shall submit the relevant written or digitally signed application at least 30 calendar days to the bank in order to terminate the term time deposit "Plus One" agreement prematurely.


In case of premature termination of the agreement the bank transfers the deposit amount to the current account. Upon premature termination of the agreement the bank shall not pay any interest to the customer for the current deposit period. The bank shall deduct the interest amount paid to the customer from the deposit amount.


Contract for Time Deposit "Plus One" can be concluded in all branches of Tallinn Business Bank and in the Internetbank.