The “Deebet Pluss” Card enables users to make payments for goods and services, withdraw cash from ATMs, and carry out all the usual transactions typically provided for by Maestro/Cirrus type debit cards.


“Deebet Pluss” cardholders are allowed the possibility of going overdrawn up to an agreed limit which is based on the terms and conditions set up in the “Deebet Pluss” Card usage agreement. The bank grants the cardholder an extension on the spent amount repayment (overdraft). The overdraft can be repaid over a period of 365 days either by transferring money or paying in cash. It can be done at any convenient time prior to the deadline stipulated in the contract. The fixed overdraft limit will extend for the same period after the spent amount is recovered.

The monthly interest for using the overdraft is withheld on the last calendar day of the month. The interest is withheld only for the overdraft amount actually used.

  • The annual interest rate of settlement credit is 8%.
  • The maximum amount of settlement credit is up to 40% of the regular funds arriving in a customer’s account.
  • Minimum net monthly income – 325 EUR.
  • The minimum credit amount is 130 EUR.
  • The maximum credit amount is 5 000 EUR.

The “Deebet Pluss” Card is easy and convenient to use, it is reliable and matches all the selling points of popular debit cards, such as Maestro/Cirrus.

The “Deebet Pluss” Card is issued to individuals (at least 18 years old) who have had a regular income for the last six months.

The card is valid for 2 years.


You can apply for a “Deebet Pluss” Card in all branches of Tallinn Business Bank.


Any “Deebet Pluss” cardholder who is a client of the bank and attracts 3 new customers to apply for “Deebet Pluss” Cards will get his settlement credit percentage reduced from 8% to 6.5% for a period of one year; this will come into effect as soon as the “Deebet Pluss” Card is issued to their third referral.

The annual percentage rate of a debit card Deebet Pluss is 8.30% under the following presumable conditions: credit limit of 500 EUR, the limit will be used in full at the earliest opportunity, the annual interest 8% will be repaid monthly, the credit will be repaid in a year.