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Evaluate the credit card’s limit

Evaluate the credit card’s limit based on your income.

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If the preliminary analysis is positive, you can fill out a credit card application without leaving the current page.


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  I am the Client of the Bank

If you are not a client of the Bank and your incomes arrive to an account in other bank, in

order to request, it is necessary to add the other bank’s account statement.

The account statement must contain the other bank’s digital signature.


I confirm that I have read the Bank´s General Terms and Conditions and the Procedure for the processing of client data available on the Bank’s website www.tbb.ee. I am aware of my rights in connection with data processing and transferring.

I hereby give my consent to the Bank to transfer information, including information about the Bank's services and products, on the contact details I provided.


Attention! In case of the positive preliminary analysis and after submission of the credit card application, the Bank reserves the right to refuse to grant the requested card.


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