Dear Internetbank user,


In order to provide effective security and to prevent strangers from unauthorized access to the funds on your settlement account Tallinn Business Bank is using different confirmation systems for payments made in Internetbank.

One-Time Passwords

In order to increase safety of internet banking Estonian Banking Association made a resolution to introduce since May 18, 2009 a daily restriction of 200 EUR for transactions made in Internetbank by using recurring passwords i.e. passwords from the multiple use password card. This requirement does not imply any addional restrictions for customers having daily transaction limit of less than 200 EUR.

This restriction concerns only cutomers whose daily transaction limit exceeds 200 EUR. Tallinn Business bank issues for those customers additional one-time password cards.

One-time password card is a common plastic card used in Internet banking. On the card’s reverse side there is a unique number of the card and 30 passwords which are protected by opaque cover to avoid any peeping. When answering system’s enquiry for some password No.yyyy from the card No. Xxxx you need to clean the cover off by some hard object and then use the password. The system itself is checking use of one-time passwords, in case all 30 passwords have been used, the system chooses the next one-time password card. The option is made by following increasing numbers of one-time password cards.

1. In case the customer uses the transaction day limit of 200 EUR appropriate procedures do not change.


To login Internetbank you have to follow the usual way and use the following data:

- User name,

- basic password

- multiple-use password card (common)

To make up a payment order and carry out payment one shall follow the usual procedure.

2. Customers using a day limit over 200 EUR are provided by the Bank with one-time password cards. To login the system one should use the following

- User name;

- basic password;

- Password card / multiple-use password card (common)

To make up a payment order and carry out payment one shall follow the usual procedure.

Signing procedure for made-up payments:

a. In case the amount of daily payments do not exceed 200 EUR one shall follow the usual procedure of signing for made-up payments

b. In case the amount of daily payments exceeds 200 EUR when following the usual signing procedure for made-up payments in addition to it, one shall put one of the passwords from one-time password card.