Account opening

The easiest way for safe and modern management of own finance is to open a bank account.


The bank account will allow you to have access to your money at any time and practically in any place.
You can open the bank account in Euro as well as in any other foreign currency accepted by the bank, as a multicurrency account.


Most of the services and products offered by the bank are related with availability of the bank account.

Bank account allows you:
  • To keep your money in Euro or any other currency
  • To deposit money on your bank account both in cash or by transaction
  • To withdraw money from your bank account
  • To make domestic and foreign payments
  • To open and use bonds and securities account
  • To perform operations with cheques issued by foreign banks
  • To check on-line balance of your bank account
  • To use bank cards and internet bank
  • To conclude a contract for regular payments
  • To operate with letters of credit and collection orders
  • To apply for a loan