Besides classical Client-Bank systems for distant bank account management, Tallinn Business Bank offers to his Customers new technologies, enables to get information on accounts within real time through electronic channels in the Internet.
InternetBank system makes possible for bank customers to get information at any time and from any place in the world. From their offices or homes customers can check account balance, detailed account statement and documents for accounts covering any period of time, send and receive messages from Bank. Modern electronic technologies make banking cheaper, faster and easy to use.

New InternetBank system enables to:
  • Use several bank accounts opened in Tallinn Business Bank
  • Monitor all stages of proceeding for all payment documents and get in time all necessary confirmations or messages about errors
  • Receive account statements and documents for all bank accounts covering any period of time
  • View and print information on all outgoing payments
  • Send and receive messages in free format from Bank
  • Arrange your work by delegating users rights, for example :
  • One user only prepares payment documents
  • Another privileged user accepts them and sends them to be accomplished
  • Show the names of the bank accounts used in InternetBank system in the more comfortable way for customers
  • One of the advantages is proceeding of all payment documents within real time
  • This system provides wide range of options for administrating users rights, it allows you to :
1. change users name if necessary
2. activate a new user
3. change language for InternetBank
4. change users password
5. change fast contact information of user
6. block the work of particular user, for example during his vacation
7. view balance of the particular account
8. prepare domestic payment orders
9. prepare international payment orders
10. approval
11. receive statements of account

Advantages of InternetBank.
  • Easy to use - To manage your bank account through Internet you dont need to have any special knowledge or experience.

  • Fast - Payments between clients of InternetBank are transferred in real time. On the screen of your computer you can monitor all stages of proceeding payment documents by the bank

  • Comfort - No need to be afraid of making mistakes while filling in payment order. System checks all documents and shows errors.

  • Confidentiality - Transmitted information is secured from illegal access by its encoding with SSL (RSA 2048bit) Web site security certificate in international format for cryptographic. Identifying system guarantees originality of both parties performing operation

Mozilla Firefox advanced customization for the use of personal certificates.


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