AS TBB pank - direct member of STEP2 SCT at EBA CLEARING


08.07.2019 AS TBB pank became a direct member of the STEP2 SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) payment system at EBA CLEARING, the first payments through which will be made starting from 09.07.2019.


STEP2 SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) is a pan-European automated clearing system for international and domestic payments in euros. The system is operated by a clearing company established in 1998 by the largest European and international banks - EBA CLEARING.


Until now, there were only two direct participants in the STEP2 SEPA Credit Transfer system in EBA CLEARING in Estonia, namely AS LHV Bank and AS SEB Pank. Now AS TBB pank has joined the list.


Direct membership allows the bank to make payments without intermediaries, which provides bank customers with the ability to quickly receive and send payments in euros.


For the bank direct membership also means the possibility of further developing payment services by joining the system of instant payments, which in turn will make payments for bank customers even faster and more convenient. Since the instant payment system operates in real time, bank customers will be able to make payments around the clock in a matter of seconds.


Becoming a direct participant of STEP2 SCT is after the change of the bank’s name the second important step in the process of implementation of the bank’s strategic development plan adopted in 2018.

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