The amendments of the price list concerning services charges starting from 30.05.2016

2 Opening and maintenance of account  Business Clients Private Clients
 1.1. Current account  
non-resident, registered in another countries*550 
 1.2. Current account maintenance fee  
non-resident, registered in another countries*550 
 *These changes apply only to customers - non-residents of the European Union.  
 2. Cash Transactions in EUR  
 2.1. Cash depositing  
 to apartment association's account in Tallinn Business Bank 0.60
 4. Bank Transfers in EUR  
4.4. Outgoing internal payment10,5
for members of apartment association 0,35
4.5. Outgoing SEPA payments10,8
 young people at the age up to 25 years 0,6
 persons over 55 years and invalids 0,6
5. Bank Transfers in Foreign Currency  
 5.3. Outgoing foreign payment  
 7. Debit Cards  
7.2. Additional debit card33
 7.3.1. Debit card replacement before expiry by Client wish33
 7.4.Debit card replacement33