Debit MasterCard is a reliable way to manage your current account funds from anywhere in the world where the cards of the International Payment Organization MasterCard are accepted. MasterCard debit bank card allows you to pay for goods, services and to perform transactions in the E-Commerce environment as well as to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Cards are accepted worldwide at ATMs and points of sale with the MasterCard® logo.


How to obtain the Debit MasterCard?

Debit MasterCard is issued to private persons and legal entities for a period of 2 years with a right of automatic renewal. To obtain the card you should contact the bank branch. Having the current bank account with the Tallinna Äripanga AS is the precondition for receiving the card. You can also apply for issuing a Debit MasterCard related to your current account to third parties, such as your family members, and to conclude an agreement on the use of the card. The card is issued together with the PIN-code.


Transactions in the E-Commerce environment

With Debit MasterCard you can make purchases in online shops, rent cars, buy tickets, book hotel rooms, and so on;

The Bank offers a SecureCode service as an additional protection layer for performing secure payment transactions over the Internet. Any Debit MasterCard cardholder may use the service of SecureCode, by pre-registering its card through Internet banking.


Cashless transaction with the card

Cashless payment for goods and services with your debit card both in Estonia and abroad does not imply any additional costs.

Accounting for all card transactions, including the original reservation and the subsequent debit of the transaction amount from the account of the account holder is carried out in EUR. The amount of transactions performed abroad in foreign currency shall be converted into EUR at the exchange rate prevailing at the time of a transaction.

When you pay with your card, you have to enter the PIN-code to confirm that you are a legitimate user of the card.


Withdrawing money from an ATM

To get cash from an ATM you should follow the instructions on the ATM display: to enter the PIN-code -- a personal identification number of a card issued by the Bank upon its receipt. An ATM also allows you to get a brief statement of the account balance, as well as to find out the amount of funds that were placed on hold earlier.

Payment for a service takes place simultaneously with the operation of cash withdrawal from ATM and this payment is debited from the current account.

Cardholders who have special benefits for cash withdrawals from ATMs, shall get a refund of the ATM surcharge to their account on the last calendar day of the month.


How to change card limits and restrictions?

To change the limit on the debit card you should contact the bank branch or contact us by e-mail:

The change in limits is effected within one working day upon receipt of a signed statement from the account holder.


Getting information on the state of account and SMS notification

Debit MasterCard cardholders have the opportunity to receive information on their current account (account balance) at ATMs located in the territory of the Republic of Estonia and since October, 2015 in the ATMs abroad having the MasterCard® logo.

Upon signing the contract on SMS-notification at a bank branch or via the Internet banking system, the cardholder is able to receive SMS messages on his/her cell phone concerning card transactions: on cash withdrawals and on transactions performed in the E-Commerce environment.



When you lost your card or it was stolen, you have to advise the nearest bank branch about it or make a call to the 24h customer support phone (372) 66 88 088.

You will need to inform the number of your card, your reference numbers and/or information known only to you and the bank, after that your card will be blocked. In order to activate the card you will need to apply to the bank personally.



  • keep in mind your PIN-code and dispose of envelope with PIN-code you received in the bank;
  • never write down PIN-code on your card and never keep PIN-code together with your card;
  • if you forgot your PIN-code, you have to apply to the bank to get a new card and PIN-code.


  • keep your card in a safe place, not available for other people;
  • never give it to anyone else;
  • keep your card apart from objects having magnetic field (TV-set, audio system and etc.), as it can damage a magnetic strip on your card and will disable it.