CONTACT - the first Russian money transfer system operating in the market since 1999.

More than 170 countries have joined CONTACT Payment System.

In the offices of Tallinn Business Bank via CONTACT Payment system, you may quickly and inexpensively transfer money under a simplified procedure, without opening a bank account:

  • in Euros and US dollars;
  • disbursement is made in cash;
  • delivery speed: in real-time mode;
  • informing the remitter on the unique number of the money transfer via SMS to a cell phone number;
  • non-address payments - transfer amount can be received at any outlet of CONTACT in Russia and neighboring countries (except Baltic).


CONTACT Tariffs:

A commission charged from remitters in Estonia: 2%.

Maximum amount of one transfer: 10 000 EUR / USD 10 000 (there can be the exceptions set in accordance with the national legislation of the country of the Beneficiary).

The maximum amount for a single remittee per day – 10 000 EUR / 10 000 USD.


The main advantages of the CONTACT system:

Beneficial - the service fee is paid only by the remitter - the payment of the transfer amount to the Beneficiary is free of charge.

Convenient - you do not need to know the Beneficiary's bank details for money transfer - it is sufficient to indicate the country and the city, where the money would be sent and the full name of the Beneficiary. Money transfers between Russia and the CIS-countries take place in adressless form - cash disbursement to the remittee will be effected at any outlet of CONTACT system within the indicated country.


Quick - the simplified procedure for registration of the transfer takes a few minutes.


To send the money transfer:

  • Visit Tallinn Business Bank office;
  • Tell the bank officer the full name of the Beneficiary, as indicated in his identity document.
  • Present your identity document;
  • Sign the application form “To send money”;
  • Pay the amount of the transfer and commission;
  • Notify the Beneficiary of the address of the CONTACT System transfer-payment outlet, as well as the amount and unique number of the money transfer. The money transfer will be paid in full, without any withholding of additional commissions from the Beneficiary.

To receive the money transfer:

  • Obtain unique number of the money transfer and amount of the money transfer from the Sender;
  • Drop by the CONTACT outlet during business hours;
  • Present your identity document;
  • Sign the application form “To receive money”;
  • Receive the transfer amount.

No commission charged on transfer payments.

For additional information regarding the CONTACT system please visit the web-site of or call 24/7 support service 8-800-200-42-42.