Information for clients who have accounts in Lithuanian litas in Tallinn Business Bank


Starting from 01.01.2015 the euro, instead of Lithuanian litas, becomes a national currency of Lithuania. All funds in Lithuanian litas on clients accounts will be converted into euros on 01.01.2015 using official exchange rate (1EUR= 3.45280LTL).

Outgoing payments in LTL on 29.12.2014 will be implemented with value date T+0 in case the payment is executed before 4 pm. Payments in LTL which are executed after 4 pm 29.12.2014 will be rejected.

Incoming payments in LTL will be credited on clients accounts in LTL, if payment will income before 16pm 30.12.2014. Incoming payments in LTL which will income after 16pm 30.12.2014 will returned to the remitters bank.

Clients LTL accounts which at 31.12.2014 have no litas on, shall be closed due to General Conditions of Tallinn Business Bank.