Tallinn Business Bank in cooperation with Fund KredEx offers starting enterprises the start-up loan.


Start-up loan

  • The start-up loan, issued in cooperation with Fund KredEx, is suitable for financing investments and operating capital of starting enterprises and businesses that have operated for up to three years. The start-up loan provides a helpful boost in case of difficulties with starting a company due to a lacking start-up capital and where there is insufficient security for bank loans or an overly short operational history.
  • Unlike a conventional bank loan, fewer guarantees are required from an entrepreneur in the event of a start-up loan. Generally, personal surety of the loan recipient’s natural person owners is sufficient to secure the loan. If the loan is used for specific purposes, personal liability of the guarantor is 30-50% of the loan amount, depending on the relevant loan amount.
  • Objective of the loan: financing of investments and/or operating capital
  • Loan amount: 2,000-64,000 Euros, of which up to 32,000 Euros may be used as operating capital.
  • Maximum loan term: 60 months.


There are two options for obtaining a start-up loan

Undertakings applying for the start-up loan must adhere to the following requirements

Terms and conditions of the loan and guarantees


Applying for a start-up loan:

1. An application is submitted to the Bank.

2. In case of a favorable decision, the Bank submits to KredEx the documents required for financing/providing surety.

3. KredEx makes a decision based on the information received from the Bank. If necessary, additional information is requested from the relevant undertaking.

4. In case of a favorable decision by KredEx, the Bank prepares the relevant documentation and issues the loan.

In addition to Bank-required documents necessary to apply for a loan, the following documents must be submitted:

1. Financial forecasts for the next 3 years

2. Resumes/CVs of the company’s key personnel

3. Overview of existing obligations

A list of Bank-required documents can be viewed here.