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Tallinn Business Bank offers its clients to rent safe deposit boxes.


Safe deposit box rental

Safe deposit box rental is the most reliable, safe and universal way to keep your valuables. Tallinn Business Bank offers its clients (individuals and legal entities) to rent safe deposit boxes, where you can keep cash, securities, precious metals and stones, jewelry, business documents, confidential documents, antiques, heirlooms, works of art, electronic data carriers and other values. The service is available only in the bank's office at Estonia pst 5a.


It's easy! You do not have to worry about the safety of the values, when going on holiday or a long trip.


It's reliable! Safe deposit box vault is equipped with modern technical means to ensure full integrity of the deposit box contents.


It's safe! The Bank assumes full responsibility for the safety and security of the safe deposit boxes, and guarantees the confidentiality of client information.


* For personal banking customers – safe deposit box rental is free of charge!



Individual safe deposit box rental procedure


In order to rent the safe deposit box, you need to:


- Become a customer. It means to conclude the current account agreement with Tallinn Business Bank.


The terms of the current account agreement can be found here.


- Select the necessary size of the deposit box. The Bank offers two sizes of safe deposit box:
• Deposit box 85 mm

• Deposit box 285 mm


-Conclude the rental contract of safe deposit box:

• Select the rental period (min – 1 day, max - 12 months)

• Pay amount of rent according to the current price list

• Pay guarantee sum of keys


There is a possibility of making a power of attorney to enable customer representative individual to access the deposit box.


Caution: The box-holder is prohibited to keep in his safe deposit box dangerous or extremely flammable items, drugs, weapon, explosives, poisonous, radioactive, toxic substances, items that require special storage conditions (special temperature, light, humidity) or food in the individual safe deposit boxes.


Access to the safe deposit boxes is possible on working days according to the working time of the office. Access to the safe deposit boxes is available during the bank's office opening hours on working days.

Customer support:

Phone: +372 668 8066
Fax: +372 668 8065
Skype: helpdesk.tbb


Helpdesk for bank cards:

Phone: +372 668 8088
Fax: +372 668 8089

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