Please pay attention to our recommendations on the use of bank cards


At the time of concluding the contract on the use of a bank card, set limit amounts on debit and credit cards within a reasonable range. In the case of fraud or theft of the card it will not allow the fraudsters either to use all the funds on your current account, or the available limit on your credit card. Remember that you can always change the limit amounts.


  • We recommend you to memorize the PIN-code received in the bank together with the card, and then – to destroy the envelope with PIN-code;
    Do not write down your PIN-code on the card and never keep the PIN-code together with the card;
  • You are the only one who knows the PIN-code. Do not, under any circumstances, tell it to anyone; if you have forgotten and can not retrieve your PIN-code, you should contact the bank to get a new card and a new PIN-code;
  • When using, do not lose sight of the card and do not allow any service personnel to withdraw with your card;
  • When you enter the PIN-code, cover the keys on the pad from outsiders;
  • Before you confirm the PIN-code, check the amount once again.


  • When using an ATM terminal, please, inspect the unit before you use the card and do not pass the card to third persons.
  • If the card is withdrawn by ATM, it is necessary to block the card by calling our around the clock helpdesk (+372) 66 88 088. After the card is blocked, it can be left in an ATM.
  • For the purpose of increasing the security of bank card operations and preventing possible fraud incidents, Tallinn Business Bank will refuse all ATM Fallback transactions. ATM Fallback transactions occur when a chip card is used in an ATM intended for chip cards, but an error is encountered upon reading the chip and the transaction is performed on the basis of the data read from the card’s magnetic strip. In fraud cases, the error is caused deliberately by using a falsified card with a so-called “broken chip” which forces ATMs to resort to the ATM Fallback mode and use the magnetic strip instead.
  • In order to raise the security level of card payments and prevent possible fraud cases, Tallinna Äripank applied a limit to the number of transactions for cash withdrawal with a magnetic strip from the cash machines in Asia - Pacific Ocean region countries.


When making a purchase via the Internet, do not use an unknown computer. A malware that reads information from the bank card may be installed on someone else’s computer. Be careful when making web purchases. If you have any doubts about the actual existence of the seller or his trustworthiness, check whether his contact details are listed on the website. In the absence thereof, the client will not be able to submit a claim to the seller. If the seller's contact details are listed on the website, but he does not respond to your inquiry, it is worth to refuse the services of such a seller.


  • SMS notification is a service of the Bank, which gives the customer the opportunity to receive SMS alerts from the Bank on payment transactions made with the bank card of the customer through ATMs, POS terminals, or through e-Commerce.
  • It is possible to join this service at a bank office or via internet banking system by concluding a contract on SMS notification service. Block your card at once, when suspicious transactions emerge.


  • Keep the bank card in a safe place that prevents access by unauthorized persons.
  • Do not allow contact with objects having magnetic field (TV, audio system, etc.), as this may damage the magnetic strip on the bank card and make it unusable.


  • In case of loss or theft of the card, you should immediately report it by contacting the nearest bank office or by calling our around the clock helpdesk (+372) 66 88 088. In this case, you will need to provide your contact details and/or other data, known only to you and your bank. Then, your card will be blocked. To unlock the card, you should contact the bank personally.
  • If the card loss occurred outside Estonia, and you can not contact the Tallinna Äripank, then you may block your card, by calling the worldwide helpdesk of the MasterCard Global Service- MCGS + 1 636 722 7111.